GE Frame 6 Series

The GE Frame 6B type gas turbine is a 40 MW class gas turbine, designed for 50/60 Hz power generation and 50,000 hp class mechanical drive service. With its high-rated reliability, it is a popular choice for low installed cost power generation or prime movers in midrange service. The GE Frame 6B type unit represents the widest range of applications: simple cycle, heat recovery application, combined cycle and mechanical drive. Doosan Turbomachinery Services has accumulated a wide experience on these units and we are able to provide a service that covers all the needs of your GE Frame 6 gas turbine.

GE Frame 6FA units offer the customer a 70MW class machine with firing temperatures in the range of 2350°F that is utilized in both the 50 & 60Hz markets. ACT has the necessary fixturing, tooling and technology to service the needs of our the 6FA customer base.

Doosan Turbomachinery Services has expertise with the following General Electric gas turbine engines:

  • GE Frame 5 (MS5001A-K)
  • GE Frame 5 (MS5001L/LA/M/MP)
  • GE Frame 5 (MS5001N/P/R)
  • GE Frame 5 (MS5001PA/R-NT)
  • GE Frame 5 (MS5002B/C/D/E)

Components Repaired

  • 1st Stage Buckets
  • 2nd Stage Buckets
  • 1st Stage Nozzle
  • 2nd Stage Nozzle
  • 1st Stage Shroud Blocks
  • 2nd Stage Shroud Blocks
  • Transition Pieces
  • Combustion Liners
  • Flow Sleeves
  • Compressor Stator & Rotating Blades
  • Fuel Nozzles
  • DLN 1.0 Combustion Systems
  • Hatchets (2-Shaft Machines)