GE Frame 7 Series

With more than 3000 units in service, the GE Frame 7 fleet has accumulated tens of millions of hours of service and is well recognized for high reliability and availability. The wide range of power generation applications for the GE Frame 7 gas turbine include combined cycle, cogeneration, simple cycle peaking and Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) in both cyclic and base load operation with a wide range of fuels.

Older 7B units today are primarily used for peaking and availability while many of the 7E-EA are known for their reliability in Peaking and Load Following applications, although some are still commonly used for base load operation.

GE’s new 7FA fleet uses more advanced materials, coating and design to achieve 2400°F firing temperature. Newer combustion systems offer low emissions and high reliability.

Doosan Turbomachinery Services has expertise with the following General Electric gas turbine engines:

  • GE Frame 7 (MS7001B-EA)
  • GE Frame 7 (MS7001FA) GE 7FA.03/7FA.04/7FA.05

Components Repaired

  • 1st Stage Buckets
  • 2nd Stage Buckets
  • 3rd Stage Buckets
  • 1st Stage Nozzle
  • 2nd Stage Nozzle
  • 3rd Stage Nozzle
  • 1st Stage Shroud Blocks
  • 2nd Stage Shroud Blocks
  • 3rd Stage Shroud Blocks
  • Transition Pieces
  • Combustion Liners
  • End Caps
  • Flow Sleeves
  • Compressor Stator & Rotating Blades
  • Fuel Nozzles
  • MNQC Combustion Systems
  • DLN 1.0 Combustion Systems
  • DLN 2.6 Combustion Systems (FA)