Siemens/Westinghouse 251

Designed around 1970, the Westinghouse W251 evolution to the B8 present configuration has been based on new technologies introduction. The Westinghouse W251 gas turbine is a single-shaft, axial-flow heavy industrial gas turbine, with cold end power drive, in the 45-55 MW class. The machine is available for 50 Hz and 60 Hz operation. Although there are not as many operating as were during the 70’s and 80’s, there are several of these units still providing reliable power today. The personnel at Doosan Turbomachinery Services have extensive repair knowledge with these units; call us today for more information.

Doosan Turbomachinery Services has expertise with the following Westinghouse gas turbine engines:

  • Westinghouse 251

Components Repaired

  • Row 1 Blades
  • Row 2 Blades
  • Row 3 Blades
  • Row 4 Blades
  • Row 1 Vanes
  • Row 2 Vanes
  • Row 3 Vanes
  • Row 4 Vanes
  • Row 1 through 4 Ring Segments
  • Transition Pieces (Low NOx & Standard)
  • Floating Seals
  • Clamshells
  • Combustion Baskets (Low NOx & Standard)
  • Compressor Diaphragms
  • Inter-stage Seal Housings
  • Compressor Blade Rings
  • Pilot Nozzles
  • Support Housings