GE Frame 3 Series

First introduced in 1949 by General Electric, the Frame 3 type gas turbine is an easily installed, flexible mechanical drive systems and are still operating today up and down many of the US Gas pipelines. The Frame 3 series still play a critical role in today’s energy markets. Doosan Turbomachinery Services can offer a complete range of products and services on the GE Frame 3 type gas turbine. Need parts? We can provide or qualify replacement parts, such as Compressor Rotor and Stator Blades; Gas Turbine Hot Components and Combustion Components and other GT consumables.

Doosan Turbomachinery Services has expertise with the following General Electric gas turbine engines:

  • GE Frame 3 (MS3002A-C)
  • GE Frame 3 (MS3002F)
  • GE Frame 3 (MS3002J-H/K +NT)

Components Repaired

  • HP/1st Stage Buckets
  • LP/2nd Stage Buckets
  • 1st Stage Nozzle
  • 2nd Stage Nozzle/Hatchets
  • 1st Stage Shroud Blocks
  • 2nd Stage Shroud Blocks
  • Transition Pieces
  • Combustion Liners
  • Flow Sleeves
  • Compressor Stator & Rotating Blades
  • Fuel Nozzles