Specialty On-Site Services

Our On-Site Service (OSS) personnel are more than just a crew, they are skilled repair technicians trained and qualified in our repair facility and hand selected to travel to site.

Our technicians consistently outperform schedule and budget, delivering quality service and customized solutions unmatched in the industry.


Typical On-Site Services include:

  • Turbine Bucket / Blade removal and installation
  • Exhaust Welding
  • Blade Tipping
  • Blade Dressing / Blending
  • Specialty Mechanical Services
  • Engineering Evaluations / Metallurgical Services
  • Specialty Welding
  • Hook-fit Repair
Our on-site specialists undergo safety training for performing specific specialty repairs on site. Our technicians have fully equipped gang boxes prepared for specific specialized repairs.

DTS On-Site Service brings shop trained and qualified technicians to help supplement your outage needs.